Water Quality Services

water dropWater is the world’s most precious resource. Clean, safe drinking water is paramount to the health and well-being of all living things, but unfortunately some water sources do not produce good quality water. We can help.

Our experts can test your water and recommend the best quality water treatment options available on the market. Hard water? Water organisms? Cloudy water? Smelly water? Funny tasting water? Stained fixtures? Whatever your water issues are, we can solve the problem so you can carry on with what’s most important.

Many of our experts are proud dealers of Kinetico water treatment products. Call us today for a comprehensive water quality consultation.

Backflow Prevention Services

backflow prevention serviceHave you ever observed colour or odour coming from your tap water? If so, you probably have a backflow in your water system. When a building is constructed, the plumbing system is generally built so that water passes through pipes from various sources to its intended location. When backflow occurs, the direction of the water's flow is reversed from its regular direction within the system. This can result in contaminated water that is potentially unsafe to drink.

Backflow can be prevented by installing a mechanical device called a backflow preventer in your plumbing system. You can be sure to get your water back to normal within the shortest possible time with our quick backflow assessment and device installation.

What Causes Water Backflow?

The primary cause of backflow is a disparity in pressure from the water supply sources of a building: its pools, storage tanks, and appliances. Commercial and industrial buildings are most at risk, but backflow can also affect apartments, schools, hotels and other public accommodations, as well as residential homes. Backflow can occur as a result of:

  • Back-siphonage - Pressure from the supply point is lower than the pressure near the destination point. When this occurs, water is forced to move in the wrong direction.

  • Back-pressure - There is not enough pressure in the system to push water in the intended direction (within a vessel).

Why Get Backflow Prevention?

backflow prevention plumberIt is absolutely necessary to prevent backflow in our plumbing systems. According to a study by the Water Research Foundation, residential backflow occurs on an infrequent but regular basis. The study puts the occurrence rate at 1.6% per month. That's why virtually all provinces in Canada require that public water systems be properly protected from all possible forms of contamination. When there is a backflow, water from other (questionable) sources may get into our potable water system, thereby contaminating the water we drink.

This is the main reason why we must prevent backflow from occurring in our systems. We will effectively install backflow prevention devices for any property, any day, any time. Whether residential or industrial, our technicians are always ready to provide you with the best prevention services ever.

How Does Backflow Prevention Work?

There are a few different ways to prevent water backflow. The most cost effective and probably most reliable method is the use of air gaps. An air gap can thwart backflow from supply tanks, as well as contamination from all appliances and fixtures connected to a water supply. Air gaps will also prevent backflow in swimming and spa pools.

Air Gap Backflow Prevention

In systems where a main public water supply is used to top up a private water supply, backflow can be prevented with the use of a floating weight. This weight operates like a valve, ensuring that the maximum water level always remains at least 25 mm below the main inlet. For extra protection, a double non-return valve can be used in these systems instead.

Top-Up Valve & Air Gap Backflow Prevention

Sometimes, a piped water supply is used to fill a rainwater storage tank. In this case, a simple floating switch (top-up valve) ensures that water is added only when the level in the tank gets low. A float weight valve is not recommended in these sytems.

Double Non-Return Valve Backflow Prevention

In some systems, there is a direct connection between the main water supply and a rainwater collection system. In such instances, a double non-return valve should be designed and attached to the system.

All water systems have backflow and other plumbing issues once in a while. Whether in our homes or place of work, there is no way to completely avoid them. Backflow issues are not a major problem if they're addressed quickly, but not knowing where to go to for a solution can be a major setback.

Our contractors are always ready to solve any problems you might encounter with your water supply system. Our company offers the latest backflow preventers, including irrigation system backflow preventers. Get this state-of-the-art equipment installed in your home or office, and never again complain of bad drinking water.