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sewer inspection serviceNobody ever thinks about their drains until they have to — and by then, it's usually because there's a problem. Clogs, slow water draining, and strange smells are just some of the signs that there is a problem in your pipes. If your home is more than 15 years old, you'll likely need a thorough sewer camera inspection to view and repair the current problem, and identify further issues that may cause additional problems down the line. As a homeowner, you will want to find a qualified and trustworthy professional plumber that will work quickly to resolve your problem. We are the go-to source for homeowners who only want the very best to repair their plumbing problems, but also want to stick to their budget.

What Does A Camera Inspection Involve?

Your sewer line operates on a complex network of connecting pipes that carry water and waste away from your kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas of your home into the sewer system or septic tank. A camera inspection, when performed by a well-trained plumber, allows you and your technician to see the inside of your pipes by attaching a small camera to the end of a snake and running the snake through the inside of your pipes. The camera transmits the image in real-time to a nearby monitor, allowing for detailed analysis of your plumbing problems without digging or guesswork.

Professionals at Plumbers 911 are highly trained in this service and have years of experience operating drain cameras to help them identify current and potential issues that are hiding in your pipes. Many of our plumbers will also provide video copies of your pipe inspection, providing you with a record that you can refer to in the future.

Why Is Camera Inspection Better Than Traditional Drain Snaking?

Asking why a camera-enabled snake is better than a traditional drain snake is like asking why it would better for a surgeon to have an x-ray of your insides rather than cutting blind. The inside of your drains are long, dark, and dirty. As dirt, hair, and other particles travel through your pipes, they leave residue which can build up on the sides of the pipes. The camera gives a professional plumber a way to see every centimeter of your pipes and to determine the exact location and cause of your problem, without the cost- and time-consuming process of snaking out a dirty pipe bit by bit. By taking a deep and exact look into your pipes, your plumber can provide you with a better and more thorough service.

Camera-Enabled Sewer Inspections For Homebuyers

Most homebuyers order an inspection of their new house before completing their real estate purchase. Unfortunately, many buyers never think of having their sewer lines inspected. If your dream home is more than 15 years old, you will greatly benefit by adding a camera-enabled sewer inspection into your pre-purchase home inspection regimen. There are numerous potential problems that could be hiding in the pipe and drain systems of older homes, and a pre-purchase inspection can uncover many potential problems — including sewer systems that look fine on the surface, but are ready to collapse.

Roots Can Destroy A Sewer SystemSewer Inspection services

Roots from trees and shrubs can, over time, grow through the openings in pipes of older homes. Root growth will be visible to a camera inspection, and you will know exactly what you are dealing with before completing your purchase.

Older Pipes Can Collapse

Many older homes were built using less reliable materials such as tar paper and orange burg. These materials can break down over time, leading to a costly pipe collapse. A camera inspection allows your plumber to determine the materials that were used in your pipe and drain systems, and what kind of condition they are in.

Heavy Duty Clogs Can Be Eliminated

Prior to completing your home purchase, it's unlikely that you will have had much chance to determine if there are clogs, slow drains, or other plumbing issues — and unfortunately, that information may not be disclosed to you by the seller. By snaking a camera through the pipes, problem clogs can be identified so that there are no surprises on move-in day.

Choosing The Right Plumber For Sewer Camera Inspection

We have a network of qualified, well-trained plumbing professionals who clock in at more than 10,000 hours of training combined. Our work is 100% guaranteed, and you can rest assured that each of our technicians is licensed and has completed a rigorous screening process. Complete with background checks and regular performance assessments, our technicians are the best and most reliable plumbing professionals in the area.

How Much Does A Drain Inspection Cost?

We do complete pricing comparisons and our terms are very competitive. All of our services are offered below the median price for similar services offered by other plumbing companies in the area. More often than not, Plumbers911 offers the lowest available price for camera-enabled sewer inspections. In addition to low prices, our work is guaranteed, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that your guaranteed inspection is being performed at an affordable price by the most qualified professionals in the business.

How Often Should I Have My Pipes Inspected?

If your home is more than 15 years old, it is recommended to have a camera-enabled sewer inspection completed at least once every five years, regardless of whether or not you have a plumbing problem. Because pipes can develop problems over time due to tree root growth and numerous other causes, regular inspections can detect problems before they require a major repair. Roots can be detected and dealt with before they can cause a plumbing breakdown. Material degradation can be identified with the help of a camera before a pipe can collapse. It is more convenient and more cost-effective to identify and prevent a potential problem now, than it will be to deal with a larger plumbing problem later.

What If I Have A Plumbing Issue At Night?

camera inspectionUnfortunately, plumbing problems rarely happen between 8 am and 5 pm. Our plumbing contractors understand that and are happy to come to your home to correct any plumbing emergency, regardless of the time of day. By providing 24/7 emergency service, you will never be without help when you need it. So if your toddler flushes his toy car collection at 7 pm, or if water starts backing up at 3 am, we will be there for you.