Bathroom Renovation & Construction Services

Give Your Bubble Bath A Facelift With A Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodeling serviceThe styles, preferences and needs of homeowners change over time, and those evolving tastes and needs will motivate most people to update their powder rooms, or even undertake a complete bathroom remodeling project. Regardless of the size and scope of the vision you have for your new bathroom, you will need a qualified and well-trained plumbing professional to make your bathroom dreams come true.

Putting Together A Winning Team

Before starting any renovation project, it's important to choose professionally trained technicians that can assist you in updating your bathroom. Because your bathroom is the most pipe- and water-dependent area in your home, it is critical to hire a reliable plumber that you can depend on throughout the process.

We are a network of licensed professionals that have completed extensive training and screening processes. Our work is accompanied by a guarantee, and our prices are below the median price in your area. You can also evaluate our technicians by browsing reviews of your friends and neighbours that have utilized our services.

Even A Do-It-Yourself Veteran Needs Professional Support

Many homeowners take on small bathroom remodels on their own. This keeps down costs and allows the homeowner to work at their own pace. However, even the most skilled “do it yourselfer” needs to have a professional to assist with the more complex — and often dangerous — parts of the project like plumbing and electricity. A slight mistake in a bathroom remodel could easily leave you with hundreds of gallons of water gushing through the room, causing thousands of dollars in damage — or, conversely, could leave you with a beautiful new bathroom without water flowing to it.

Define Your Budget Before You Get Started

It's important to know exactly how much you're willing to spend on your new bathroom before you begin the project. If you don’t create (and stick to) a budget, you may find yourself spending far more than you wanted to, or you may find that you and your spouse have different visions of what you are looking to accomplish. Sitting down and settling on a budget before beginning can save you a lot of money and confusion down the road.

Selecting The Perfect New Tub

The centerpiece of most new bathrooms is the tub. Many homeowners are pleasantly surprised and a bit overwhelmed at the options available to them when choosing a new tub for their renovated bathroom. Taking a little time to educate yourself on your options before purchasing the new focal point of your bathroom can help make the purchasing process more enjoyable.

Things to consider include:

  • The Material The Tub Is Made Of

    Bathtubs can be made from a variety of materials. Marble, acrylic, and enamel on steel are just a few of the options that are available in the bathtub market. Each material comes with its own pros and cons, and its own price range. Choosing the material that is right for you can help make other décor choices easier down the road.

  • Placement Of The Tub

    Knowing exactly where you would like your bathtub to be placed in the room will often narrow your options and help you to make better choices when selecting the perfect tub for your house.

  • Shower Or No Shower?

    Once you determine whether or not you want your bathtub to have a shower function, you will dramatically narrow down the list of models that will meet your bathroom needs.

Choosing The Right Sink

bathroom remodeling and plumbingLike the bathtub, sinks have come a long way in the last decade and researching your options thoroughly before making a purchase will help make your remodeling experience easier.

  • One Sink Or Two?

    Do you need one sink or two to create your dream bathroom? Answering that question is a great first step to choosing the perfect sink.

  • Counter Or No Counter?

    Is counter space adjacent to your sink a “must have” or a “no way”? If you aren’t interested in sink-adjacent counter space, pedestal or wall-mounted sinks may be a fit for your bathroom. If you would like your sink to be set into your counters, you will also have a variety of options to choose from.

Picking The Perfect Toilet

bathroom remodelsYou may think that all toilets are the same, but once you start shopping for a toilet for your new bathroom you will realize how many options there actually are. Finding the perfect flushable addition for a newly remodeled bathroom will be easier if you have a general idea of what you are looking for.

  • Size Matters

    Believe it or not, toilets come in a wide variety of different sizes. Determining the size of the space that your toilet should occupy will help you determine the toilet that is the best fit for your bathroom.

  • Color Matters

    Contrary to popular belief, all toilets are not white and all whites are not the same. You can be open to toilet options in a variety of colors, from various shades of white to grays or blacks. Funkier bathroom décors may be perfect for a pastel colored commode.

Choosing The Right Fixtures For Your Bathroom

Using the fixtures in your bathroom as a centerpiece can make it feel as if you are on vacation in some high-end resort. Or if you're on a budget, smart fixtures will do what you need them to do, save you money, and still look great. Visiting a bathroom showroom can give you design ideas, and a chance to consult a designer to help you select the best fixtures for your home. There is no end to the many options for bathroom fixtures — if you want a waterfall in your shower, go for it!

What Type Of Fixture Should I Have In My Shower Tub?

Deciding on a fixture for your shower tub is not easy. There are many types of shower heads on the market, and many of them mount differently. And do you want one shower head, or two, or more? It's all in what you want in a shower, and how you want to be pampered. Some of the most popular shower units are:

  • Hand-Held Unit

    This unit sits on the wall until needed, and can be removed for easy cleaning of children, hard-to-reach areas, or even pets. It offers a wide range of sprays from strong to soft, and can offer good convenience for users who suffer from disabilities or mobility issues.

  • Rain Shower Head

    The waterfall experience comes with this unit — however, it uses a pressurized engine, which can cause sagging water pressure in your shower if it malfunctions or is not installed properly. Offer full coverage in the shower.

  • Wall Mount

    This is a basic, cost-efficient, highly functional fixture.

  • Body Sprays

    Flush mount body sprays are drill-less slide bars, which are mounted by suction cups to the tile. Because of this, they are easy to apply and remove without damage to your tile.

What Type Of Bathroom Sink Should I Choose?

bathroom sinks

Sinks for your bathroom can be as unique or as plain as you want them to be. Your choice of sink should be influenced by the material it's made of and how it mounts. Here are some of the most common options:

  • Drop-In

    Drop-in sinks require a countertop or vanity with a standard or custom-cut hole that will ensure the sink can be "dropped in". Once in place, the sink's rim is supported and sits flush against the surface of the counter.

  • One Piece (Pedestal)

    One piece, or pedestal sinks, are freestanding fixtures that are supported by their own base, typically detached from the wall.

  • Wall Mounted

    Wall mounted sinks are a good space-saving option for small bathrooms. As they are attached directly to the wall, they also may require that supply and drain lines are installed behind the wall, making their installation a bit more difficult.

  • Vessel

    Vessel sinks are designed to look like a bowl or other freestanding vessel resting on a countertop. They often come pre-packaged, with their own faucet systems.

  • Under-Mount

    Under-mount sinks are installed directly beneath the countertop, so that the sink begins beneath the surface of the counter.

What Kind Of Faucets Should My Bathroom Have?

bFunctionality and efficiency are both important features of a bathroom faucets, but it is important to choose one according to the requirements of your space. Faucets are sold in a wide variety of styles, but in addition to aesthetics there are basic elements that should be considered:

  • Configuration

    How does the faucet mount to the sink?

  • Finish

    What is the faucet made from? Chrome, brass, nickel, and other materials each have their own benefits and downsides.

  • Construction & Valve-type

    Well-made faucets with good valve technology will last longer, require less maintenance, and ensure more efficient water usage. Different valves such as ball valves and cartridge valves have different pros and cons of their own.

Professional Installation Saves Time & Money

Sinks, tubs, toilets, and other bathroom fixtures need to be installed correctly in order to properly function. Proper installation is also essential to ensure that the water flow in your bathroom is exactly what it should be. Leaky faucets or improperly installed showerheads or toilets can cost you a great deal of money in monthly water bills. Amateur installation can also result in undetectable leaks behind walls or underneath floors. These type of leaks can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage before you are able to detect that there is a problem.

Our plumbers are well-trained and will make sure that your new bathroom works exactly the way you envisioned that it would. All of their work comes with a guarantee, and our prices are below the median price of our competitors. Our technicians want to help you renovate, update, and modernize your bathroom in a quick, professional and cost-efficient manner.

New Construction

installing bathtub in new homeOur plumbers are equipped with the experience and know-how necessary to tackle any brand-new residential or commercial bathroom construction project. Whether you're constructing a single custom home or developing a strata, we provide:

  • Complete plumbing systems installed by accredited personnel.
  • Complete hot water heating and solar hot water systems.
  • All related natural gas and/or propane systems.
  • Professional, quality service that complies with all provincial building codes and local authorities.

We only offer the best plumbing fixtures and hot water tanks available on the market today. We guarantee all our work and use only the highest quality materials. That means brand name repair parts, domestic pipe and fittings, and other materials often exceed the quality required by codes. Some of the excellent brands we offer are:

  • Aqua Trip
  • Blanco
  • Brizo
  • Delta
  • Grundfos
  • HansGrohe
  • Honeywell
  • Hydromatic
  • Hytec
  • John Wood
  • Kindred/SteelQueen
  • Kinetico
  • Maax
  • Moen
  • Napolean Fireplaces
  • Navien
  • Rinnai
  • Toto
  • Viessmann
  • Watts

The Perfect Atmosphere For Your Bathroom

Finding the perfect fixtures can create the perfect atmosphere for your bathroom. Whether your choice is a shining new or classic antique fixture, it should be one that you and your family are in love with. Whether you're remodeling or updating certain features of your bathroom, make sure that all of the design features work with each other. Our technicians will be able to help you with all your plumbing fixtures needs.