Emergency Toilet Repair

Photo of a pair of hands adjusting a toilet's flow with a wrench.It's happened to all of us. You flush the toilet and suddenly water is pouring out of your bowl and onto your floor. It seems like it won't ever stop, and the water is flowing so quickly that you're sure waves are going to form any second.

Anxiety and anger boil up inside of you as you begin throwing every towel you own at the rising water to keep it from escaping the bounds of your bathroom. When this happens to you, our network of professionally trained plumbers are ready to come to the rescue.

When A Toilet Repair Is An Emergency

Sometimes toilet repairs can signal a home repair emergency. This is especially true if you live in a one bedroom home, or if you have water pouring onto your bathroom floor that you can't stop. We realize toilets don't recognize normal business hours, and that's why we offer affordable 24/7 emergency plumbing service for situations just like this.

If your toddler flushes their entire toy car collection after dinner or your toilet goes haywire on a Friday night, we will gladly come to the rescue with one of our friendly service professionals. We'll get your problem repaired and your bathroom back in working condition for you and your family in record time.

Common Causes Of Toilet Overflows

  • Clogs

    Clogs are the most common cause of toilet overflows. Excess tissue paper, hair, and other particles can build up over time and cause a clogged toilet. Attempting to flush a foreign object (like a children's toy) down a toilet can also result in a clog.

  • Malfunctioning Handle

    If a toilet handle gets stuck in the flushing position, the toilet will begin to overflow and water will pour over the edge of the toilet bowl and onto your bathroom floor.

  • Tank Float Issues

    The tank float regulates the flow of water in your toilet. If it doesn't function properly, an overflow can be the result.

  • What To Do

    You may be able to temporarily stop an overflowing toilet, but you should contact a professional plumber immediately to come out, determine the cause of the problem, and perform a long-lasting repair. Avoid buying unclogging solutions at grocery or home improvement stores, as some of these can permanently damage your pipes. A well-trained plumber can determine the cause of your toilet overflow and repair the problem quickly — often in under an hour.

Toilet Water Leaking Onto The Bathroom Floor

If you find toilet water pooling around your toilet at floor level, but you haven't experienced an overflow, the source of the water could be a variety of different things.

  • Cracks In Your Toilet

    Cracks in the porcelain of the toilet can allow water to seep out and onto your floor. Over time, these cracks will get larger and more bothersome. You will need a qualified plumber to replace a cracked toilet.

  • Faulty Bolts

    If the leak is the result of a faulty bolt or washer, our plumbers can identify and repair the problem easily and quickly, with up-to-date hardware that will hold up for years.

  • Faulty Wax Ring

    If wastewater is seeping onto your bathroom floor, you may have a problem with your wax ring seal. The wax ring is the barrier that guards against the wastewater backing up through your toilet foundation. Replacing a wax seal is a delicate job best performed by a professional plumber.

  • Leaking Valve

    If the source of the puddle is the shut off valve (usually located directly behind your toilet), that valve will need to be tightened or possibly replaced. Leaks like this can damage your subfloors if left unrepaired, and can also lead to hazardous mold and mildew growth.

Constantly Running Toilets

An adult man sitting on a closed toilet lid, holding the tank lid while peering into the tank.Another common problem with toilets is that, at times, they may run constantly. You may begin to suspect that a toilet is running too much from the sounds it makes. It may sound as though water is running inside the toilet long after anyone has flushed it.

If you don't notice your toilet is running from the sound, one look at your water bill is likely to alert you that there is a problem somewhere. Running toilets waste a great deal of water and will almost always result in a larger than usual charge on your water bill.

Most running toilets can be fixed quickly after determining the cause, and our plumbers are well-trained to identify and repair any of the reasons for an always-running toilet.

  • Internal Float Adjustments

    An adjustable float mechanism controls the water level inside the tank of your toilet. If the float is adjusted to produce a water level that is too low, the flush won't be strong enough to carry away your waste and tissue. If the flow is set too high, water flows over into the overflow tube. This overflow keeps the fill valve from shutting off so the water continues to flow in indefinitely.

  • Broken Fill Valve

    The fill valve is the mechanism that stops water from flowing into the tank once it has reached the proper level. If the fill valve is not functioning properly, it will not shut off the water at the proper time. This leads to the constant running of water.

  • Aged Internal Mechanisms

    As time goes by, the internal mechanisms in the toilet may break down. Valves, tubes, flappers, and chains will all wear out with the natural wear and tear of everyday use. Our plumbers can replace the internal mechanisms in your tank quickly, all for an affordable price.

  • Broken Flush Handles

    If the flush handle is not operating properly, the water may run longer than it should into the tank. Repairing or replacing a malfunctioning flush handle can often fix the issue.

When Replacement Is The Only Option

Photo of a white toilet in the corner of a tiled hotel bathroom.It is rare that our professional go out on a repair call and conclude that a replacement toilet, rather than a repair, is the best course of action. Although rare, it does occasionally happen. If your toilet is beyond repair, our technician will gladly sit down with you to discuss your options when it comes to replacing your toilet. From size to features to colours, we will be there to help you should you need a new toilet installed in your bathroom.