Emergency Leak Detection

Photo of a kitchen sink faucet with flowing water.Our plumbers have the latest equipment, professional knowledge, and years of experience that is needed to locate both underground leaks and above-ground leaks in fixtures and pipes.

Have high water bills? It’s probably due to a leaking water main. Our teams have an excellent success rate in finding broken water pipes and broken storm and sanitary sewers, so let us help you save time and money by locating your leaks. We can locate most leaks from above ground, avoiding the trouble of time-consuming and frustrating “blind” digs.

Prevent Surprise Leaks

Want to save yourself the panic caused by surprise leaks? Our tradespersons are also trained in the installation and service of professional leak detectors and automatic shut-off valves. These are an invaluable addition to your home, and will help you monitor your water usage while protecting your property from catastrophic water leaks.