Emergency Drain Cleaning

Plumbing safety experts replacing drains with new covers.When pipes are clogged or slow to move, a professional drain cleaning service should be called. It happens to all of us at one time or another. Clogs can be frustrating, and even stressful depending on where it is in your home or business. A plunger or store-bought snake may fix the issue, but they can also make matters worse, and store-bought blockage removers can harm your fixtures, pipes, skin, and clothing.

A professional drain cleaning service aids your pipes in draining as they should. Plumbers 911 uses state of the art equipment to handle tough drain issues. Our professional technicians will get your drains running smoothly again in no time at all, in a safe, professional manner.

When Do I Need A Professional Drain Cleaner?

Plumber snaking a clogged drain.Water and debris leave your home through various drains, pipes, and other systems. These can become clogged in a number of ways. Six of the most common types of clogs are:

  • Clogged Tub or Shower Drain

    Tubs and showers present their own difficulties in cleaning and removing clogs. More often than not, the obstruction is hair and soap build-up in the trap and drainpipe. We use a special machine designed just for tackling this job, helping your drainage ducts run like they were just installed.

  • Clogged Bathroom Sink

    Bathroom sink clogs are usually caused by toothpaste, soap, and general grime build-up in the drainpipe. We have many solutions to clean and clear these blockages quickly.

  • Clogged Kitchen Sinks

    Kitchen sink drains can stop up over time as soaps, detergents, greases, and fats build up on the pipe walls, and eventually cause blockages. Our service technicians are specially trained to remove blockages of this type and will do so quickly and efficiently.

  • Clogged Toilets

    Toilets can be overpowered with bathroom tissue and the occasional accidental toy flush. We will handle the issue with a special machine that loads a spinning cable into the toilet drain. This cable has special blades on it that will slice through many types of obstructions, clearing the drain to work like new and restoring its flushing capability.

  • Blocked Downspout & Gutter Drains

    Downspouts and gutters can become clogged over time with leaves and debris. Our special cleaning services will help restore your downspouts to their usual drainage glory around your home, preventing costly water damage.

  • Backed-Up Floor Drains

    Floor drains in basements, laundry rooms, patios, driveways, older bathrooms, and garages can be easily clogged by dirt and debris, preventing them from draining well. As they are designed with a trap to hold water and prevent odors and sewer gas from entering the home, they should be tested regularly to ensure proper drainage. We can ensure that this is happening properly and remove any blockages that occur.

What Is Used For Drain Cleaning?

A plumber crouched on a wet concrete floor, snaking a drain.Many machines and methods are used when cleaning a clogged drain or pipe. Which method is used depends on the type of clog, the type of pipe/drain that is having a blockage removed, and the material type used in the pipe.

These tools and methods can include:

  • Sewer Machine

    Helps in snaking out troublesome clogged pipes. Resembles a snake with spinning blades at the head that help to clear and break up whatever is blocking the pipe or sewer line. These machines require a variety of cable sizes and cutting heads for different sizes of pipe.

  • Jetter

    A professional machine we use that has a head with water jets, which propel it through the pipe acting like a battering ram. It may be used in conjunction with a sewer machine to ensure a line is clear of any blockage.

  • Video Drain Camera Inspection

    This advanced technology helps identify the root problems of blockages and determine the best ways to clear them. This has helped to take the guesswork out of finding drain and blockage problems by transmitting images of the blockage and tracking its exact location.

Why Choose Plumbers911?

There are many reasons to have our team unclog your drains and pipes! Plumbers 911 experts utilize state of the art equipment to clear and clean drains, traps, pipes, and sewer lines, restoring them to their full drainage potential.

Plumbers 911 service also includes:

  • 24/7 Assistance

    Our technicians are on call 24/7, so that your drains are clean and clear when you need them to be.

  • Immediate Service

    We have technicians located in all major residential centers so that we can get to your clogs quickly, usually within the hour. We won't make you wait all day.

  • Accredited Professionals

    All of our expert plumbers are highly trained and certified according to top Canadian standards, ensuring that they have all the knowledge needed to handle the problems they face in the field.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our prices are comparable to any major plumbing competitor. We ensure that you have the best prices, through reducing our own overhead and increasing our efficiency.

  • Security Measures

    We want to ensure you are comfortable with our techs coming into your home. We have strict protocols that our staff adhere to to ensure your family's safety. Our technicians go through checks and regular assessments so you can feel more at ease with our professionals working in your home.

Preventative Drain Service

Expert plumbing safety professionals replacing drain covers.Don't wait for a clog or slow-draining pipes to have your drains cleaned! Drain servicing should be conducted on a regular basis to prevent larger and more costly problems from happening. These larger problems can involve replacements or repairs to pipes and sewer lines, which can become more expensive over time depending on the damage caused. Calling in our professional drain cleaning service technicians is a smart decision, as we can ensure that everything is flowing as it should be and stop any problems before they start, all at fair and reasonable prices.