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Top Gas Safety Tips to Remember During Winter

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Winter is here! But don’t get too excited about heading out to build a snowman (or play in the puddles). First, know that winter also brings about a long list of plumbing issues, including gas leaks. Our Saanich plumbers can confirm this. For one, gas meters can get damaged by extreme temperatures, shifting ground, fallen trees or debris, and more. It's best to remember these top gas safety tips year round, but they're especially important come winter.

Know How to Recognize A Gas Leak

Knowing how to recognize a gas leak will help you keep your family safe while you call a reliable plumber or gas fitter. By the time the technician arrives, you can already have taken your family to a safe place outside your home.

Here are three ways to recognize a gas leak when it happens:

Smell For Gas

Natural gas is odorless. Gas companies in Saanich and Greater Victoria add a chemical called thiol to give it a sulfuric smell, similar to the smell of rotten eggs, so you will recognize it right away. If you ever smell sulfur, especially near a gas-powered appliance or device in your home, evacuate and call a licensed plumber in your area right away.

Listen For Gas

Gas meter with deposits on the brick wall behind itListen carefully for any hissing sounds, especially from the gas meter outside your home. A gas leak can also cause a hissing sound to come from a gas-powered appliance.

Look For Gas

Gas is colourless, but you will see a significant change in your surroundings when a gas leak happens. For instance, grass near a leaking outdoor gas meter will often die. Or you may see bubbling puddles of water above where your gas pipes are laid. You may also see dust and debris being blown around in unusual patterns near a gas pipeline.

Prevent Gas Leaks Before They Happen

Gas stove burners

Gas is highly flammable, and can be dangerous if not used correctly.  Here are some things that you can do to ensure your safety when using gas systems in your home:

Call A Licensed Saanich Plumber With Plumbers 911

Never try to fix a gas leak on your own. You can do much more harm than good by attempting a DIY gas leak repair. Plumbers 911 can immediately send a licensed Saanich plumber or gas fitter to your home to resolve the issue. What you should do is bring your family to a safer place, opening doors and windows on your way out, then call Plumbers 911 at 1-888-348-2188 to speak with our call dispatcher and get a technician sent out right away.