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Plumbing Fixture Purchase Guide

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New copper sink and faucet in a stone bathroom counter. Photo credit TerraArtesana on Pixabay.

While plumbing is essential to your property, not everyone knows how to buy the right plumbing fixture.

It's important to buy the plumbing fixtures that are best for your home to maximize their usefulness. Plumbing fixtures aren't very cheap, and once installed they should last for a long time and only require maintenance at regular intervals.

The good news is that there are hundreds of different plumbing fixtures that you can browse, both online and offline, that can fit the overall design, style, and function of your home. Our plumbing experts are happy to lend their expertise in finding the fixtures that are best for you, but here are a few basic steps that you can start with on your own:

New Plumbing Fixtures

When you shop for plumbing fixtures, the most important thing is to aim for a practical and a durable product. You may find faucets that suit your taste and look nice, but you definitely do not want them going moldy and rusty in just a few years ­— or worse, causing problems for other plumbing fixtures in your home.

New Boilers & Water Tanks

Hot water tanks are an essential plumbing fixture and a big purchase. Buying a low quality water heater can result in thousands of dollars of repairs and no end of trouble in the long run, from unexpected cold water to flooded basements. You should always make sure you buy your hot water tank or boiler from a reliable company, in a size that suits your property. Once you think you've found the water tank you want, it's best to consult a professional Vancouver Island plumber before you make the final purchase. Plumbers can also show you where to buy hot water tanks if you don't know where to start.

New Shower Stalls

Virtually all shower stalls are prefabricated and enclosed in fiberglass, but the size, style, and brand all indicate the quality. Higher quality shower stalls are less likely to crack, leak, or grow moldy over time. Investing in professional shower stall installation will also ensure that your shower doesn't cause hidden damage to your bathroom and that its seals don't unexpectedly fail.

New Bathtubs

The most convenient and cost-effective bathtubs are molded from plastic, very lightweight, and come in many different styles and colors. Other materials include marble, ceramic tile, metal with a porcelain coating, and even wood or stone. If you want to install your tub on a platform, it's best to buy a fiberglass bathtub, though they are more expensive. Each type of bathtub has different durability, amounts of maintenance needed, and levels of difficulty for installation. A professional plumber can help you understand which one is best for your home.

New Sinks

You can find both kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks made of steel, copper, porcelain, stone, or even glass. Different sink configurations include pedestal sinks, above-counter sinks, under-counter sinks, and vanities that have sinks built in. When it comes to sinks, you're often limited only by your tastes and the requirements of your space. We have more information on how to install a new sink in another post.

New Toilets

Instead of investing too much money in a fancy toilet, prioritize comfort. Find a toilet that lets your feet rest comfortably on the floor, consider saving money on toilet paper by installing a bidet, and choose dual flush so that you can save on your water bills. Pay attention to the size of your toilet's bowl and its location in your house, especially when it's located in a basement or on a high floor, as this can affect how well it will flush.

New Taps, Faucets & Other Fixtures

Faucets see everyday use, so buy nothing but the best. Look for faucets that are rust proof, have built-in temperature settings, convenient handles, and an even water flow. Different finishes are available to suit your tastes and the water quality in your area, including oiled bronze, chrome plate, brass, and brushed nickel. Ask your plumber about your water quality before you make your decision — water with high iron content can force you to change your taps often without the right protection, and other deposits can interact with different finishes in a way that changes your water's taste.

New Pipes

Pipes also endure a lot, so it's best to buy the highest quality you can afford. They'll save you money in the long run on repairs and emergencies, and will add value to your home. Look into purchasing additional insulation to conserve energy from hot water and to protect your pipes from temperature changes.

Plumbing Tools

Leaking water heater valve surrounded by a metal bowl, dirty towel, and household grip wrenchesThere are plenty of plumbing tools available on the market, both for regular use and for special cases. If you plan on doing any of your own plumbing installations or repairs, it's critical that you choose the right plumbing equipment.

Here are two main points you should consider while shopping for plumbing tools:


Functionality should be your first priority, so you need to know what kind of task you will be using your tools for. For instance, there are specific plumbing tools for unclogging drains, while other tools are for repairing leaky pipes. Consider your plumbing objectives first, and then buy the tools. There's no point in spending money on a tool that you don't need.


Buying quality plumbing tools doesn't have to be expensive. There are companies that sell high-quality plumbing tools at decent rates, especially when you have sales or rebates. Quality plays an essential role when it comes to plumbing tools, and comparing brands is easier than ever on the internet these days, so do your research and compare your choices.

Buying Plumbing Fixtures & Tools Online

These days most homeowners don't have the time to travel to several stores, making it easier to buy plumbing fixtures, tools or appliances online. Buying online has a number of advantages, such as special discounts, numerous customer reviews, and easy price comparison. As long as you make sure you're buying from a reputable company and triple check that all of your measurements and dimensions are correct, buying plumbing fixtures online can be a great choice.

In the end, plumbing is a big investment, and that includes fixtures. Make sure you consider everything when purchasing a new fixture, including durability, design, décor, and expenses. And if all else fails, you can always consult a professional plumber in your area for guidance.