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Rusted and corroded pipe

Plumbing is a common requirement, and almost every home has a plumber that they rely on. Homeowners often have a lot of plumbing questions, so we thought we'd answer some of the most common ones in a post. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our Greater Victoria plumbers hear:

What Causes Pipe Corrosion?

There are a number of things that can lead to pipe corrosion, and all are related to water quality. The most common causes are:

  • The PH of the water
  • Chemicals found in water
  • The temperature of water
  • Oxygen levels in the water
  • The water pressure

Having your water quality tested and balanced can catch these causes early and extend the life of your pipes.

How Do I Check For Leaks?

A very simple way to check for a leak is to note your water meter and record the water level. Don't use any water in your home for a few hours (best done overnight or in the early morning), then check your water meter again. If the water level has changed, you likely have a leak. Call a plumber in your area immediately.

Are Hidden Leaks Anything To Worry About?

Yes! Leaks get bigger with time, and can eventually cause heavy damage to your home. Know the benefits of leak detection and repair:

  • Reduction or elimination of water loss
  • Less risk of damage
  • Avoid the need for sudden emergency repairs
  • Less need for pressurization and water treatment

It's almost always more cost efficient to repair a leak sooner rather than later.

Why Is My Toilet So Noisy When I Flush?

If there's a lot of noise when you flush (or more noise than usual), it often means that water flowing to the tank is somehow getting restricted due to faulty or broken parts.

What Can And Can't Go Down A Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal can endure a lot, but don't think they're invincible. Always run cold water down the disposal after using it to clear residue and oils seated in the system. Don't throw anything big in: chop food waste into small pieces before disposal. Avoid disposing coffee grinds to prevent build-ups.

Why Is My Toilet Constantly Running?

When you flush your toilet, a lever causes a flap to open in the tank, which is pushed back into position by the tank's water level when it gets high enough. There is a chain attaching the lever to the flap, and if that chain is either too short or too long, then it can cause a running toilet or flushing problem.

Why Is My Water Heater's Relief Valve Leaking?

Leaking hot water tank in a basementWater tank relief valves can leak due to high pressure coming from your water heater. This normally has one of two causes:

  • The water pressure of incoming water from the main line is very high, or
  • Pressure is building up in the water heater due to thermal expansion.

These situations can actually be dangerous if your safety valve is in poor repair, so it's best to contact a professional plumber right away.

What Should I Do With An Overflowing Toilet?

A pipe clog or a leak in the fill valve of your tank can cause your toilet to overflow without stopping. The fastest way to prevent major damage is to use your water shutoff valve to cut water flow to your toilet, then call an emergency plumber. A professional plumber will be able to quickly find and repair the issue in a way that minimizes the chance of any further issues.

Ask Your Own Local Plumber!

Still have more questions? Get in touch with a professional plumber! We're happy to answer your FAQs about both emergencies and regular plumbing maintenance.