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How Natural Gas Submetering Can Save Money

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Natural gas is a utility that is preferred by many homeowners. It's used not only for cooking, but for home heating systems, many kinds of fireplaces, and even appliances such as dryers.

However, as with any energy source, gas bills tend to increase come wintertime — especially in windward coastal communities like Port Renfrew. In detached homes, residents are billed according to the portion of natural gas they consume. But what happens in multi-tenant residences that share a gas source? How can tenants be sure that they're being billed correctly for their use?

Gas submetering is the answer.

Why Natural Gas Submeters Are Important

gas meterHaving a natural gas submeter installed is the fairest way to bill tenants in apartments, office buildings, or any multi-tenant complex for their proportional gas usage. As a tenant, you will only be billed for exactly what you use. If you use your heating system wisely, you will get to save a lot on your gas utility bill, even if the unit next door doesn't.

If you're a Port Renfrew tenant in a building without gas submetering, ask your property owner to contact a licensed local plumber and have one professionally installed. This will not only benefit your own pocket, but the property owner's business as well. This is because gas rates are often cheaper for master-metered properties, which can be charged at a commercial rate.

Lastly, gas submeter installations support energy conservation. By being conscious of your personal natural gas use, you can take further measures to conserve heat energy.

Natural Gas Conservation Tips

Once gas submetering is added to a property, tenants are often encouraged to be more conscious of their natural gas consumption. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you're getting the most out of your natural gas:

Get A Gas Furnace Inspection

Have a licensed Vancouver Island plumber inspect your gas furnace for leaky duct work. If any is found, it should be sealed immediately. While you’re at it, have your filters cleaned as well.

Insulate Your Gas Water Heater

Above everything else, the most important thing that you can do to conserve water heat energy is to have your water heater regularly serviced by a certified plumber. A licensed plumber will advise you on the best energy saving steps to take, such as insulating your tank and water pipes, and fixing leaky faucets.

Layer Up Your Home

Stretch your gas heating further and invest in window and door insulation kits to help keep your home warm during the cold months. Opt for thicker blinds or thicker curtains to help lessen heat loss through windows.

Call Plumbers 911 for Gas Submetering in Port Renfrew

Call Plumbers 911 any time for gas submeter service in Port Renfrew or on Vancouver Island. With our huge database of professional plumbers in your area, you can be sure that a licensed BC plumber will be at your front doorstep in no time.