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Clearing Your Gutter Can Make A Big Difference In Drainage Bills

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A flooded roof gutter full of murky water and leaves. Photo credit Eric Schmuttenmaer/@akeg on Flickr.Usually gutters remain out of sight and out of mind, until one day you suddenly find yourself spending a fortune on drainage costs and property repairs.

Old buildings often have gutters on the verge of failure, or gutter systems that were never installed properly to begin with. Modern buildings usually have more effective guttering systems, but even they need to be looked after.

If rain water starts overflowing from your gutter, don't ignore it — take immediate action! Clearing your gutter at the proper time can make a huge difference in your drainage and repair bills.

The Importance Of Gutters

Gutters aren't very glamorous, but they are a very important part of your house. A lot of homeowners only clear their gutters in the fall, but taking care of them year round keeps your property — especially the foundation and the roof — in good repair.

Proper gutter systems direct rain water away from the walls and foundation of your home, preventing damage from moisture and erosion. But gutters can be clogged by debris and leaves, fall out of alignment, or separate from their drainage spouts.

When gutters get blocked in the winter, it can also lead to ice dams that cause roof leaks, spillage, and rotting. Not having clean gutters in the rainy season can result in overflow that wreaks havoc on your foundation drainage. In the autumn, you need to clear out fallen leaves regularly so that they don’t flow down your gutter and create a clog.

Running into any of these gutter problems can lead to damp patches in bedrooms, stains in the corners of stairs or hallways, or even flooded basements. At that stage of damage you'll need to call in a professional to assess and fix the issue, then wait for everything to dry and re-decorate.

Gutter Cleaning In Victoria

Victoria is a city in a temperate climate zone, so rainfall is frequent and clogged gutters are a regular problem. It's best to have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year, in the spring and the fall, but more is better. Making it part of your regular maintenance can save you some huge drainage repair costs.

Dry leaves piled up on a metal gutter guard grate. Photo credit @123switch on Pixabay. But gutter cleaning is a chore, and many homeowners rely on incorrect or incomplete DIY tips that don't do the job. The process isn't simple, and if you don't have experience it's always best to hire a professional plumber in Victoria instead of trying to do it on your own with a wet and slippery ladder. Safety comes first, and dozens of people are injured every year while trying to clean their own gutters.

Professional technicians can also help you set up an impressive gutter maintenance plan. Experienced contractors will inspect your property at regular intervals to ensure the gutters are in place, intact, and connected to downspouts, with specialized tools that keep your gutters clean and properly positioned. This kind of professional gutter cleaning isn't a big investment, and the return is more than worth it.

Not taking care of those unassuming gutters could leave you in big mess, so don't ignore them and call us today!