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Finding Leaks With Electronic Leak Detection

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Finding a leak in hidden underground water lines can be a challenge for plumbers. Luckily electronic leak detection has become a tried-and-true method of discovering hidden leaks, using devices that detect the sound waves made by leaking water. This makes it easier for plumbing professionals to pinpoint the problem without disrupting the surrounding environment.

The Process Of Leak Location

Electronic leak detection devices locate and confirm leaks by listening to the sound of water running along the pipes, using a microphone. Your plumbing contractor will choose the best location to set up the electronic leak detection device. The sounds it records will then be transmitted to a computer program, where the plumber will analyze the information. An experienced licensed plumber will know whether the sound is from a cracked pipe or a leaking faucet. From there, they will determine the best repair technique appropriate to repair the leak.

Electronic leak detection is not only used to determine water leaks. It can also be used to locate leaks in other pressurized systems, like the compressor of an air conditioner or refrigerator, and in natural gas lines.

Concerned About Wall & Floor Damage?

Don’t be. Back in the day, a licensed plumber would need to rip open the wall or dig up your entire floor in order to find the location of a leak. Today, with electronic leak detection, wall and floor damage is minimal. Since the plumber determines the exact location of the leak beforehand, the part of the wall to be removed or the area of the floor that will be dug up will be smaller. A smaller hole also means bigger savings for you in terms of time and money.

Call A Licensed Vancouver Island Plumber from Plumbers 911

Conventional leak detection can be DIY. But doing it the conventional way means that you will have to tear down walls or dig the whole floor to find the exact location of the leak. For many homeowners the money saved from not hiring a contractor is immediately wasted again through the time, mess, and unintentional damage caused by trying to find and repair a leak on their own.

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