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The Benefits of Dual Flush Toilets

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The flush button for a dual flush toilet.

Dual flush toilets, also known as high-efficiency toilets and low flow toilets, are becoming more and more popular nowadays. They're the choice of not only budget-conscious homeowners, but also individuals concerned with saving water for environmental purposes. A dual flush is the same toilet that you're used to, but with separate flush triggers added: one for liquid waste and one for solid waste.

Just how will a dual flush toilet installation benefit you? Let us show you how.

How Much Difference A Dual Flush Toilet Makes

A dual flush toilet can help lower your monthly water costs by up to 67%, compared to non-dual flush toilets. The water-saving technology of dual flush is so efficient that some countries require all new toilet installations to be dual flush toilets. Some municipalities in the United States have followed suit, particularly areas with a very dry climate and little rainfall.

That includes BC. Effective October 3, 2011, the Province of British Columbia amended the BC Building Code regulation, requiring the installation of 4.8 litre or less high-efficiency toilets in all new construction and renovation projects.

Dual flush toilets are also great for properties that have septic systems, helping your septic tank perform better and last longer.

Rising Popularity

Due to the government regulations, it is relatively easy to find dual flush toilets being sold in local home improvement stores. You can ask a licensed Vancouver Island plumber for advice on what brand, variety, or design to buy. You may choose to install the toilet yourself, or hire a professional to do it for you.

High-Efficiency Toilet Design

Speaking of design, more and more dual flush toilets sport attractive designs that suit all décor styles. Because they use less water, they have a smaller tank and can fit into tighter spaces. You will surely find a dual flush toilet that will fit your bathroom or washroom's current look. Manufacturers strive to make them not only as comfortable, but also as good-looking and user-friendly as older toilets.

The latest style of low flow toilets have trendy buttons, which are better than dual flush toilets with a push-pull system. Two buttons are easier to use — even a little kid will be able to distinguish the difference between the buttons for liquid and solid waste.

Low Flow Toilet Installation from Victoria to Port Alberni

Once you've decided to install a new low flow toilet in your bathroom, it's time to call Plumbers 911. Plumbers 911 has a long list of local plumbing professionals across Vancouver Island that can install a dual flush toilet in your home. Just call 1-888-348-2188 today and a licensed Vancouver Island plumber will be at your doorstep in as little as an hour.