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5 Tips for Bathroom Remodelling

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Whether you're looking to add value to your property for renting or selling, or you simply want to update the look of your home, remodelling your bathroom can be a great way to transform your property. As well as presenting the possibility of significant energy savings.  

A good remodelling requires the skills and expertise of professionals, so if you're going through remodelling, look no further than Plumbers 911 in British Columbia We are a certified plumbing network with skilled and experienced contractors providing the highest quality of service. 

Bathroom with white bathtub1. Focus on the fittings and the textures

While remodelling, we suggest clients focus on installing sophisticated fittings like stylish taps, round mirrors and more. Your bathroom should be eye-catching and enhance the ambiance of your home. We can use the opportunity to play around with different textures, catering to your requirements; we can do a range of styles and design templates, from contemporary modern to French Chic. For instance, patterned tiles are a great way to add a touch of style to a bathroom space. 

2. Ventilation and lighting

Moisture is an issue with any bathroom space; causing mildew and the growth of mold which can spoil the painted surfaces and destroy your bathroom. Our professionals do an assessment of the ventilation prior to starting the work to ensure your bathroom fan is working fine. We also suggest installing a humidity sensor that you can adjust depending on the circumstances.

Lighting can also make all the difference, separating a stylish and relaxing space from one that is harsh and unwelcoming. 

3. Use warm tones and you won't wind up feeling blue

It’s good to use warm tones for the tiles, fittings, and floors to create a soft and inviting feel, this is a stark contrast to blue, which can seem cold and sterile.

4. Make the bathroom spacious and have storage spacePlumber working under sink

If you wish to make your bathroom look spacious, there are a number of tricks we can use to enhance the space you already have. 

We can raise the bath or shower element off the floor, or lay down landscape tiles rather than portrait. Even if your bathroom is small, we ensure there is space for storing your vanity items. No matter how stylish the bathroom, if it doesn't have functional storage space, then it's not fulfilling its full purpose.  

5. No cutting corners

Cutting corners may seem like a great way to save money, but the end product will not be worth it. And you'll probably spend even more money fixing your mistakes. For example, buying cheap tiles may cause your flooring to look crooked after installation. This is true for all other items and fixtures, so make sure you shop around and find the best ones for your bathroom.


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