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Plumbing Installation & Upgrades

Properly installed plumbing fixtures can save you money and hassle. Our reliable Red Seal plumbers will let you know if replacement is needed or a repair will do. We service and install all fixtures & appliances: sinks, toilets, faucets, tubs & showers, dishwashers, washing machines, drainage, and much more.

Gas Fitting & Repair

A natural gas or propane system that is not maintained and repaired can be dangerous, and even deadly. More often than not a gas leak is caused by poor fittings, installations, bad maintenance or even faulty appliances. Bad fittings let gas escape. Installations should always be made by an accredited technician.

Why Plumbers 911?

Plumbers 911 is Western Canada's largest certified plumbers' network. One call and you'll get the best Red Seal plumbing contractor in your neighbourhood, often with service calls within the hour. All work is guaranteed and costs stay below the median plumbing rates in any given area, giving you quality plumbing service at affordable prices.